The great democracies of europe have betrayed their people. Firstly, they embarked on a truly gigantic feast, with a menu whose star courses included the denigration of the individual European nation states and their subjection to an unelected super-bureaucracy in Brussels. Secondly, for their main course, they undermined Europe’s indigenous peoples by instigating a policy of uncontrolled immigration in a social experiment called multiculturalism, and, finally, to hammer home the message that the old nation state was no more, for desert, the diners replaced their countries traditional currencies with a new currency, the Euro, which would be controlled, like everything else in the new Europe, by unelected officials and bankers operating out of Brussels and the IMF. 

There was one more catch, when the heads of Europe finally finished dining and were presented with the bill for their massive feast they found that their couldn’t afford to pay for it. So, instead, they borrowed huge amounts from their people’s banks and then printed up thousands more Euros to pay the banks back with. They even printed up enough to leave a very large tip. 

For a while everyone was happy in the new Euroland. The banks were still full of this new Euro money, and if they needed additional funds, their new friends just gave them more and more. In fact, their new friends said spread the money around as there’s no point saving it because we’ve got more than we need. So, in turn, the peoples of Europe had their own feast and, like their leaders, they marvelled at the wonderful new world their friends in Brussels were creating. 

Now people could retire early, take two or three holidays a year, no one had to worry about being ill because there were hospitals everywhere and they were full of people administering things so that the doctors knew what to do. In fact, even with all the strange new people arriving with their strange beliefs and large families, there was still plenty of money to go around. Everyone could have a new house, education was for all and everyone was allowed to participate, because discrimination was wicked and in the new Euroland, inclusivity and diversity were the new magic words as they attracted Euros in large numbers.

Then, one terrible day, the banks realised that they had lent and spent an awful lot of this Euro money, so much in fact, that even with all the money they were getting from their friends in Brussels, they still didn’t have enough to pay for everything. When they heard this, the men in Brussels were worried and tried to print more Euros, but that didn’t work for the banks had spent so much money that, even printing millions more Euro’s wasn’t enough. 

In the end the leaders decided that they had to give the people the bill for their feast, and the people didn’t like it. Plus, they now had to stop partying and feasting, and as they looked around they saw that Europe was full of  strangers who were still eating and spending money, and worse, who had arrived at the party without bringing a bottle or contributing in any way. So the people of Europe were upset and angry, so angry in fact that when some people suggested kicking out the strangers who were eating their food quite a few of their friends joined in with cheers. The whole atmosphere was getting a bit heated and volatile, so much so that many of the European leaders worried that the people might blame them for their woes and try an unravel all of their hard work and they decided could never be allowed to happen…

What is happening in reality is that, without Euroland being subsidised by borrowing, lending and Quantitive Easing, our leaders experiment with unchecked immigration and the creation of a welfare utopia is looking like a simmering fuse next to a powder keg. 

Already Greece and Italy are ruled by unelected financial bureaucrats who appeal more to the financial markets than the people they are supposed to represent. Indeed the people of Greece will over the coming weeks be subjected to an unprecedented level of outside pressure to vote for a party that will adhere to the European ideal and accept austerity 
in return for more Euros. The fact that, like Iceland,  Greece might actually be better off outside the Euro with its own currency is irrelevant as Greece’s exit threatens the whole Euroland experiment.

In fact, what is becoming very apparent during this new phase of the financial and european crisis, is just how entrenched the new Euroland supporters are, and how committed they are, whether of the left or right, to maintaining the european ideal no matter what the cost. In this our political leaders are backed up by the forces of the Media who sup at the same multicultural altar and who control peoples access to information, and more importantly the way that information is presented and conveyed. That media also savages, smears and destroys any politician, political party, individual or movement that challenges their preferred Establishment. Indeed while dissent is tolerated as otherwise the Establishment couldn’t praise and champion our ‘democracy’, but that dissent is only allowed within parameters that have been quietly and tacitly sanctioned by democracies new, discrete and shadowy dictators.

This unaccountable, unelectable and ultimate antithesis of democracy now rules as a vicious, clandestine cabal with two aims; clinging on to power and maintaining its chosen political orthodoxy. Nothing else will be tolerated and under the guise of maintaining the hegemony of a multicultural utopia within a welfare wonderland this politically correct politburo continues to rule and in doing so to suck the life blood, capital and cultural life-force from out of the soul of the people it claims to represent.

The political, economic and social disaster enfolding in Greece could herald the end of the Euroland experiment and hasten the breakup and collapse of the Euro or equally Greece could be pressured to hang on in there, its people virtually enslaved to bankers and eurocrats whose only interest is maintaining the new order on any terms. Equally perhaps the faceless rulers in Brussels and their acolytes in governments across europe could that find that, as in the old proverb, that after the feast comes the reckoning…

© Nigel Wingrove 2012