The murder on the 22 May 2013 of a young British soldier on a street in Woolwich, London, in the middle of the afternoon by two Muslim thugs, has shocked the world. It also galvanised the UK’s entire liberal and religious elite into putting on their best appeasement hats in a concerted effort to make sure that this ‘incident’ does not upset or impact our multicultural utopia.
The soldier’s blood was still wet and smeared across the South Circular when the last Labour’s government’s Home Secretary, John Reid, was either appearing on television news programmes talking endless nonsense about ‘loan wolves’ or ‘clean skins’ as if this were an event straight out of the Bourne Identity rather than the actions of a couple of crazed religious zealots. He also spent the evening of the 22nd May running from Mosque to Mosque in an effort to reassure the Muslim community that we know that the killers were not representative of Islam, but rather had been corrupted by rogue preachers or Al Qaeda rhetoric. 
It is indeed a sad reflection of our new Establishment’s priorities that as usual it was the representatives of the murderers that were being courted and cuddled rather than the representatives of the victims or the wider society within whose country this terrible act had taken place.  No one who saw the vicious and brutal actions of the two killers will ever forget those awful images and Islam should be made to be ashamed that these killers came from within their communities. Further people will be angered by this terrible crime and Islamic communities need to know that, this time, enough is enough, and that the Kow-towing and societies accommodating of their religious mores will have to stop.  
The BBC, the States bastion of inclusivity and diversity, must have had their Green Rooms packed wall-to-wall with touchy-feely Imans, Islamic community leaders, Civil Rights lawyers, Community Outreach workers and Saint Shami Chakrabarti, Liberty’s ghastly champion of civil liberties and human rights. Not present of course would be anyone opposed to Islam or multiculturalism, or who might disrespect the media’s carefully engineered “this is shocking, but doesn’t represent the Muslim community”, blah, blah, blah, approach. The truth is though, that the murder of the soldier does represent Islam and it is representative of the ‘wider Islamic community’ and pretending it isn’t and that this is an isolated terrorist incident comparable with the IRA, or the Provos, is dangerous nonsense.
The IRA and the other political terrorist cells, despite their often brutal and murderous actions, had, at least, some sort of political agenda and a rational aim with which the wider community could identify and eventually negotiate, Islamists have none. The Islamists see the State and their religion as one and the same, the two are inseparable, and further that anyone or culture that is not of their Muslim orthodoxy is seen as their enemy. The West, with its decadence and soft democratic ways, being the biggest and most loathed enemy of all.
Yet despite this, the West, and in particular the liberal Establishment whose adherents and devotees began and instigated the West’s, in my opinion, disastrous experiment with mass immigration and multiculturalism,  refuse to be deflected by these events, no matter how ghastly they are. Indeed, as on other issues, the Establishment utilises and nullifies the occasional ‘incident’ like the vile Boston bombing or yesterday’s grisly head-hacking murder by clever use of words and playing the Islamophobia or rascist card. 
The Boston bombers, though radicalised Muslims, were also from Chechnya, a country ravished by war with Russia and with a history of brutality, and immediately their Muslimness was pushed aside, as the media’s focus concentrated on the brother’s Chechnyanness.  Likewise within hours of the murder of the British soldier moderate and liberal Muslim spokesmen were emphasising again and again, often with a degree of hysteria, that the murderers were ‘scum’, ‘not Muslim’, a disgrace, madmen and, most of all, that we were all one community and that we mustn’t let this event drive communities apart and so on. A desire reiterated by Prime Minister David Cameron, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson, Teresa May, the Home Secretary and so on, ad nauseum.
Indeed the Media’s and the Establishment’s bile was reserved and directed in the main at a hundred or so English Defence League supporters who had gathered, abet noisily and looking intimidating in their masks, outside a Woolwich pub in protest at the murder of the soldier. The masks, ironically,  made them look a bit like those members of the Provisional IRA who used to gather around the graveside at the funeral of a dead comrade and then line up and fire a fusillé into the air in a quasi military salute which played well on the news. In the end the English Defence League members shouted a lot, chanted a bit,  threw a few bottles at the police and went home. The media got plenty of shots of angry white men looking for a fight, and the Guardian and Ken Livingstone made lots of warnings about Right Wing extremism, appealed for unity and increased security around Mosques. Kristallnacht 2013 it was not.
Yet, despite all the Establishment’s clever linguistics and smoke and mirrors tricks, Europe’s multicultural experiment is portraying increasingly Frankenstein-like qualities as their creation lashes out and threatens both its creators and the surrounding environment. In the end Frankenstein’s creation became so murderous that the local people rose up and destroyed both its creator and the monster itself. Such analogies may sound alarmist and far-fetched, yet each time a member, or members, of the Muslim community takes it on themselves to launch yet another barbaric and murderous assault on their host countries, so the day when the villagers reach for their pitch folks and torches comes ever closer. When that happens no amount of clever wordplay by the Establishment will calm the mob. 
© Nigel Wingrove 2013