The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
Joseph Stalin
When is european democracy not a democracy? When the citizens of its nation states go against the beliefs of the left-leaning, liberal establishment which controls most of the countries that make-up the european union would be the answer. Or, as is the case in the UK, where 52% of the population voted for Brexit against the wishes of the establishment and the metropolitan elite, the establishment, supported by a Kabal of rich lawyers, celebrities and leftist sections of the UK’s intelligentsia, seek to neuter, delay and castigate its troublesome discontents with a mixture of legalese, small print and politically correct name calling. Smoke and mirrors in other words. 
The essential effect in all cases being that if the people follow the rules, obey the law and cast their vote at the ballot box, if what they want goes against the established liberal orthodoxy then their vote and their views will be rubbished and sneeringly dismissed as ‘populism’. Or the result itself will be queried as having been engineered by a combination of fake news stories and post-truth lies. If that fails then the establishment will claim that those who voted against the orthodox view, were, in fact, too stupid to know what they doing. The net result being that the established liberal order and ruling elites will do everything in their power to ignore the wishes of the people and to crush, mute and censor anyone who says otherwise.
In the United States where Donald Trump’s surprise victory sent the left into a bizarre mixture of denial, grief, apocalyptic rage and whining on an epic scale there have been Herculean attempts to overturn, discredit and refute the result; with everything from recounts and Russian hacking being used or cited as a way of overturning or undermining the result. 
Yet, as this wave or rightwing ‘populism’ grows, so the liberal left, which has effectively held sway over the West’s cultural, social and political output for the last 50 or so years, is feeling its grip on the levers of power, both political and cultural, loosening, and it doesn’t like it. Not only does the liberal establishment not like this rising rightwing insurgency, it will have none of it and will fight tooth and nail to stop it.
Indeed now that the initial shock of the Brexit win and Donald Trump’s election victory are wearing off, so the crying, stamping of feet and gnashing of teeth has given way to a whole plethora of tactics designed not only to stop Brexit and tame Trump but to vilify and fraught the resurgent right everywhere. Already charges of hate crime, hate speech, racism, white supremacy, homophobia, sexism, antisemitism and Islamophobia are being hurled around like verbal confetti at everyone from Steve Bannon, the ebullient founder of the Breibart news site, and soon to be President-elect Trump’s chief strategist and senior counsellor, to anyone on social media who dares to post an opinion critical of the liberal orthodoxy.
Right wing heretics are now being sought out by a kind of liberal left Inquisition who are scouring Twitter and Facebook in search of unbelievers to haul before their appointed judges, the ‘enemies of the people’, as some UK newspapers called them. Thought crimes are being merged with actual crimes, as in the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and the alleged people who stupidly tweeted their support or joy at her death, actions that are now being used to further the catch-all nature of ‘hate speech’ as a crime. Hate speech or thought crime, that is speech or ideas critical of the establishment, or the voicing of ideas which are opposed to those of the liberal intelligentsia, will soon ensure that free speech is effectively legislated out of existence, along with as many rightwing political groups and parties as the liberal Inquisition can concoct a case against. 
Only the right it seems can do or say evil. Left wing activists can mock and spew vile hatred at the death of Margaret Thatcher, scream ‘scum’ and spit at Conservative supporters attending their annual party conference or beat up and violently assault those they accuse of being rightwing or fascist, seemingly with impunity. Universities and student groups now ban anyone whose views are even vaguely rightwing or just deemed controversial, UKip and Brexit supporters are shouted down as racists or dismissed as neothandrals, too thick to warrant being heard.
Multimillionaire hedge fund owners, like the Guyana born Gina Miller and her husband, Alan Miller, joint owners of the wealth management company SCM Private, can use their money to thwart the will of the english people and usurp the UK’s democracy with impunity. In turn these two unaccountable millionaires are cheered on by their leftwing liberal supporters who would seemingly stoop to any hypocrisy in order to stop Brexit. 
Yet the delicious irony is that soon, events in Italy, Holland, and France, may herald the implosion and collapse of the european union regardless of whether the UK stays or leaves or the actions of the Remainer’s nefarious millionaires. In which case there would be no european club left to belong to.
Indeed as the working class, the disenfranchised and the untermensch of Europe and the US fight back against the liberal elites we can expect to see the establishment become ever more vicious and draconian as they try to hold back and reverse the demands of a resurgent populous. Expect to see more censorship, more arrests, more legislation, and more euphemisms created as liberal lawyers invent and twist words to create new crimes and misdemeanours as a way of protecting cultural Marxism’s place in the world, and silencing those that challenge it. 
© Nigel Wingrove 2017