Scum Nation is an irreverent, visual and personal site focusing solely on me, Nigel Wingrove and my thoughts on the world and the UK in particular. It also features examples of my imagery and art, my film related work in exploitation cinema, as well as snippets of the things I like and dislike.

Do my opinions matter? No. Does what I write have any influence on the people or things that I’m writing about? No. Is my work of any relevance at all? No. In fact you could happily pass this site by and carry merrily on with your life – but, if you stay and explore you will find in the dark recesses of Scum Nation a whole cornucopia of visual and literary treats. Covering everything from beasties, like Grimly Fiendish and genocidal Martians, to Hammer starlets and sexploitation beauties; to satanism, blasphemy, political extremism and visual terrorism – to sex, pornography, punk, porn, and blood; to politics – from China’s cultural revolution and France’s revolutionary terror, to Nazism and genocide – here are all the things that interest me and make me tick.

I have no idea why I am doing this? Partly ego and vanity I suppose, and partly just for the pleasure of putting together all the images, words and thoughts that I like and make up my world and seeing what happens and who shares my interests …

This site is also very much an evolving project as I’ll be adding and updating material all the time so please check back often and feel free to comment.