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I run Salvation Films and the film labels Redemption, Jezebel, Sacrament and Purgatory, which specialise in releasing exploitation films. As a way of diversifying and widening Salvation’s appeal I also created the online Alt girl collective, the Satanic Sluts, and more recently, the cosplay themed Ghoul Girls.

I used to run a nightclub called Black Mass, which was officially sanctioned by the Church of Satan and, at the same time, briefly published Rule Satannia magazine. Aside from this I occasionally make films, write, create imagery and paint pictures.

My interests include religion, transgressive culture, sex, pornography, political and ideological extremes (Nazism, the Cultural Revolution, the French Revolution, The Red Army Faction, The Angry Brigade, Stalinism, The Russian Revolution, the Khmer Rouge, Fascism, Islamic terrorism, genocide, eugenics, totalitarianism and terrorism), all of which influence my creative work. 

I have spent most of the last three years or so sorting out my personal life, which was a bit of a mess, and reassessing what I want to do creatively. This has meant spending a lot of time writing and researching my book on the printed output of the NSDAP and German society between 1919 and 1945; Strength Through Design: Print Propaganda of the Third Reich. Separately I have begun painting and working towards an exhibition. Both projects I am enjoying immensely.

I also like reading Billy Bunter, the greatest anti-hero ever, thrillers, and biographies; drinking bourbon, and walking my long coat chihuahuas. 


My life, your life, their life, whatever. Why does my life and what l’ve done, or my family or the people that I’ve known or dealt with matter to you? It doesn’t and they don’t of course, any more than any of the self aggrandisement that drives Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and their ilk does, this is just my way of saying I can, only I can more than most, because I have been cursed by a life that has driven me to pursue subjects and ideas that are generally regarded as unacceptable and over which I have little control beyond making the unacceptable, acceptable.

1957 to 1970 – Childhood

1970 to 1979 – The Teenage Years

1980 to 1989 – Adulthood Decade 1

1984 to 1985 London
1985 to 1986 – Paris
1986 to 1988 – London

1990 to 1999 – Adulthood Decade 2

1990 – Madness
1997 – Falling
1999 – Lifeline
2000 – Transition