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Scum Nation is an irreverent, visual and personal site focusing solely on me, Nigel Wingrove and my thoughts on the world and the UK in particular. It also features examples of my imagery and art, my film related work in exploitation cinema, as well as snippets of the things I like and dislike


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Hi, I'm a naughty nurse, and I really need someone to talk to. $9.95 a minute. Who are those horrible orange men? Wow, you got that off the Internet? In my day, the Internet was only used to download pornography. WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOOD NIGHT! Yep, I remember. They came in last at the Olympics, then retired to promote alcoholic beverages! I was having the most wonderful dream. Except you were there, and you were there, and you were there! Actually, that's still true. Who are those horrible orange men? Why am I sticky and [...]

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I am curious, black – American Noir with a twist

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Eileen by Ottesa Moshfegh has sentences and passages that are quite simply breathtaking in their perfection. One after the other her words tantalise and tease. She never says too much, nor too little, they are just perfect. Poisonous, cutting, funny, odious, grotesque, dangerous, plain, scary - her writing is marvellous. In just a few sentences in the books’ opening paragraph we know Eileen You might take me for a nursing student or a typist, note the nervous hands, a foot tapping, bitten lip. I looked like nothing special. It’s easy for me to imagine this girl, a strange, young and [...]


Cinema X started publication in the late sixties almost at the same time as sexploitation films began. It focused on sex and on showing as much flesh from the films it was reviewing as possible within the law as was legal, with the pictures becoming increasingly graphic as the sixties moved. [More]


We all know of the horrifying success of Nazi propaganda and its promotion of totalitarian and anti-Semitic ideas. In STRENGTH THROUGH DESIGN, collector and author Nigel Wingrove breaks down how it all happened with reproductions of Nazi books, magazines, brochures, newspapers and posters. [More]


Although I write more now than ever before the majority of my work, and my greatest love, is still the visual image and this site gives me an opportunity to show off some of the stuff that I’ve conceived, art directed or created over the years. This includes imagery and designs for my film labels Redemption, Jezebel and Purgatory [More]


When I founded Redemption Films back in 1992 I had absolutely no cash and was still in the process of recovering from the costs of losing my court case against the British Board of Film Classification over my film Visions of Ecstasy. Furthermore, the early nineties was a time of recession and my normal source of income [More]


Ghoul Girls are creative, sexual and provocative! Fetishized cosplay as you have never seen it before, delivered to your screens every month. Creative films that push and challenge conventional notions of erotica and push it every which way!



I’ve given Billy Bunter his own section because I couldn’t leave him out. Bunter has been with me throughout most of my life and in particular when I’m stressed I can escape to the often absurd but equally wonderful world of Billy Bunter Bunter and Greyfriars.[More]