One of the pleasures of putting together a website devoted to yourself and all of the things you like is being able to surround yourself, if not literarily, at least digitally with all the things you like. So listed and shown here are some of the key things in art, film, music, politics and events, that I like and which, for whatever reason, I feel influence me in some way.

For example, when I was thirteen, in 1970 I was, thanks to an almost obsessive love of Marvel and DC comics, obsessed in turn with all things American, so much so that I persuaded my parents to get me a subscription to TIME magazine having seen a special offer somewhere. So I remember vividly the shooting dead at Kent State University of four students who were protesting the Vietnam war by the National Guard and event that really impacted me at the time.

Equally, like so many, Punk was for me transformative, its arrival in my life coinciding with my starting at Art School and motivating me to publish a fanzine, start writing and take up photography.

Indeed we all soak up culture of one form or another and we are all influenced by what we see and hear, and I have tried to limit myself to key things which for whatever reason not only resonated with me at one time or other, but still continue to do so.