Like most things in my life I’ve tended to have art crazes or at least periods when either a particular artist or group of arts, or style of art was special to me. Currently it’s art of the Third Reich which has been spurred on by working on my book, Strength Through Design: Print Propaganda in the Third Reich, but previously this has included the Symbolists and artists like Burne-Jones and Rossetti, as well as at other times the Futurists, Wyndham Lewis, Francis Bacon, Damien Hurst and Jeff Koons etc.

I look at art, and contemporary art in particular, all the time and constantly reference or get excited about specific artists or pieces. Most recently this has included the New York based Darja Bajagić and Japan’s Yayoi Kusama. So this section is really just going to be a bit of a sketch book or notice board where I’ll randomly pin up examples of what I like art wise. That’s it.