I also wanted, for no better reason than the pleasure of basking in my nostalgia, to include examples of the type of images that influenced me when I was growing up and which to various degrees still influence me. These include English comics like Wham! which featured a fanged villain called Grimly Fiendish, Rupert the Bear whose gentle fairytale like adventures inspired me to read, the Narnia Chronicles which despite their recent excessive coverage remain one of the greatest children’s stories ever written and many others all of which pervaded my thoughts during the sixties and early seventies.

There was another, darker influence going on around me during this time as well and that came from America, The characters and heroes from Marvel and DC Comics, Topps bubble cards whose ultra gory images of WWII, the Amercian civil war and of Martians attacking earth are seared into my brain, the Vietnam war and in particular the shootings at Ohio State university. The two overriding images from these that stayed with me was of the US as a country and of violence and turmoil and I have taken great please in unloading some of that onto this site.

Beyond this there was the world around me as both a child growing up in the sixties, as a teenager throughout the seventies and as a young twenty something during the Thatcherite eighties and as a man in the design self-conscious me me me ninieties. These decades produced some extraordinary moments culturally, politically, socially and visually and where I still have examples that for whatever reason effected me I have included them here.

I will also be adding material to this section a lot and will probably create new imagery especially for it as well, particularly art oriented pieces, as work dictates.