Like books, music is an essential part of my life and something that has been with me as a constant. My tastes aren’t highbrow and whilst I occasionally listen to classical music i would be lying is I said that it was a big part of my musical tastes, which, while eclectic, have over the last twenty years or so gravitated from Dance, Hip Hop, to Neo Folk, Noise and Industrial with a sprinkling of Military Pop, to Country and Western, to Pop music, by which I mean POP with very occasional Black Metal aberrations.

Prior to this in my formative teen years and early twenties I liked Alice Cooper, David Bowie who I saw perform as Aladdin Sane and the Thin White Duke, Black Sabbath, Pink Fairies, Hawkwind, The Stooges, Melanie and dozens of others, most of which were unceremoniously swept aside by the arrival of Punk which I adored. Later that adoration morphed into a liking of bands like OMD, Pink Military and New Order, plus a lot of other eighties electro stuff but by then I was in my twenties and living in Paris and London and music, much as I loved it, didn’t make me want to belong anymore the way Punk had.

So I suppose, like my art and film sections, that I can use this music section as a way of putting up snippets, or souvenirs, or images, or interpretations, of my musical influences which actually could be quite interesting – for me at least.