On a personal level my politics have been pretty level and constant. At school, aged about 15 I was for about two weeks an anarchist, then a Conservative, then flirted with Monetarism and Milton Friedman, toyed with the ideas of the far right briefly before returning to the Conservatives and voting for Margaret Thatcher in 1979 and 1982. By the late eighties I had though lost interest in politics and disliked John Major so much that I stopped voting Conservative. I also hated Tony Blair and the resurgent New Labour party, though I hated Gordon Brown, Blair’s successor, even more. I disliked everything in fact, and embraced rightwing libertarianism as a solution and voted for no one.

During the nineties though I also saw the buildup of Islamic fundamentalism and felt that there was a real threat to Western culture by uncontrolled immigration and so I began writing my thoughts in articles published online and in magazines. By 9/11 I felt that the West was in danger of bringing about its own destruction and actively wrote blogs and contributed to other blogs in the hope that by adding my voice to those opposed to radical Islam that I was at least doing something to stand up for what I believed.

Since then we have had Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the emergence of the Alt-Right. Seen a seismic shift in the West from Left to Right which has in turn heralded in a wave of activism and protest from the Left which has brought about in its wake a period of angst and turmoil that I think will grow in intensity during 2017 and 2018. What that will bring about eventually I cannot imagine, though things will not be dull that is for sure.

So this section will, like the events section contain snippets, cuttings and postings across a timeline, ideas, political musings, mine and others, quotes, speeches and so on. Lots of stuff.