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Adolf Hitler: Bilder Aus Dem Leben Des Fuhrers 1936

The book Adolf Hitler is known as a Cigaretten Bilderdienst book and was published by Alton Bahrenfeld. It came in a variety of cover colors, but the usual is orange though this book is sold with its original dust jacket which is, in this case, unfortunately in very poor condition. The book though is complete, tight and in good condition though with some minor foxing on the end pages. The book is full of very good quality, good sized black and white photographs of Hitler by his official photographer Heinrich Hoffmann and primarily covers the period from the early 1930s through to 1936 when the book was published. Other books in this series include the truly excellent Deutschland Erwache which is also available from this site.

The book has 134 pages and measures 12 1/2 by 9 1/2.
Pictures from this book can also be found in the Adolf Hitler and National Socialist/NSDAP categories in the Strength Through Design image section

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