Creating images is essentially what I’ve done all my life. Initially taking photographs of bands and of girlfriends doubling up as mannequins and corpses at Art School. Then shooting pictures for my short-lived magazine Homage which I published in the early 1980s, and commissioning illustrators and photographers when I worked in publishing during the 1980s, and then using that experience to create the look of the Redemption identity. Making pictures is what I love to do, and making pictures that form a brand is what I love to do most of all.

In this section pictures will be posted fairly randomly as I have so much imagery that trying to put my pictures into any sort of timeline or chronological order would be really time consuming. What I will do though is to caption the pictures as most of them have some kind of story. Again, like a lot of the sections on this site please check back often as I will be adding material all of the time.