The Satanic Sluts

Although I conceived the Satanic Sluts as a brand way back in 2003 I cannot claim originality in terms of the concept, that is, a branded online collective of alternative women, as that credit must go to Suicide Girls who had launched the year before in 2002.

I wanted to create an online collective that would be directly linked to Redemption and which would help attract traffic to the Redemption site. Having looked at the growing popularity of Suicide Girls, and goth porn sites like Gothic Sluts and hybrid sites like the now defunct Camwhores which seemed to attract a lot of Goth girls for some reason, I came up with the Satanic Sluts.

Meant ironically, the Satanic Sluts caught on very quickly with a lot of girls joining and I had to create a logo and look that would appeal to the girls, and I hope look suitably satanic at the same time, I also had to avoid the double S logo looking too Nazi-ish so opted originally for a very loopy double S instead of the more obvious sigrune used by the SS. Other than that everything about the Satanic Sluts look was seriously black, white and menacing and within a year the Satanic Sluts were a brand.

Featured in Metal Hammer, Terroriser and most successfully, Video World, where the Satanic Sluts had their own section each issue and, at the end of 2004, a twelve page calendar, the brand was growing very fast, almost too fast for me to keep up.

We soon had to create a dedicated Satanic Slut website and, after some debate, a nightclub, Black Mass, where the girls could meet and, most importantly, put on gore type burlesque shows (see Black Mass section).

Black Mass was followed by Redemption TV, in which a number of Satanic Slut members showed themselves to be great presenters, a Satanic Slut book, Blood and Dishonour, a number of films and then, infamously, Slutsgate!

Slutsgate (see Press section) saw the Satanic Slut name mentioned in the House of Commons and several of the Satanic Sluts hounded by the media in a press frenzy that lasted for several weeks and, whilst not destroying the brand, changed it, or rather changed the girls attitude to it. It also coincided with a change in the fortunes of Redemption and meant that going forwards the Satanic Slut brand changed again to become more of a film label and, sadly, less of a living collective.

This section will, as much as possible, try to present the Satanic Sluts and their history in chronological order, and like so much on this site, I will be adding material to it constantly so please keep checking back.